Chalé.Global Launches ‘Love Ghana, Love Chalé’ Jersey Collection

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Ghanaian forward-thinking fashion brand, Chalé.Global unveils a new jersey collection designed for patriots and lovers of everything Ghana. 

The collection is a limited edition inspired by Ghana’s cultural heritage featuring a bold stripe of classic red, yellow, green, and black star. 

Ahead of World Cup 2022, the “Love Ghana, Love Chalé” jersey collection aims to foster friendship, community, and unwavering love for Ghana as an authentic, vibrant and ready-to-explore destination for fashion, arts, tourism, and sports. 

The vividly colorful pieces features a range of football and basketball jerseys, crop tops, hats, caps, scarfs, and tote bags for all gender fit. The pieces are a perfect fit to throw support on game days and bold statements for casual events. 

“As an innovative lifestyle brand, we hope this collection will recognize our collective commitment to promoting Ghana while enjoying the joys and unity that come with fashion, arts, tourism and sport”, says Kurtis Kudjo co-founder Chalé.Global.

The limited-edition collection launched on November 4, 2022, and is available for purchase on and authorized retailers. 

As part of the jersey launch event, proceeds from the first 10 pieces would go into supporting this year’s OneChalé project. OneChalé is a charity organization established in 2020 to drive sustainable social change in rural communities with a commitment to solving social needs, improving lives, and creating opportunities for self-development.

About Chale.Global

Chale.Global is a forward-thinking fashion brand that incorporates the warm friendly Ghanaian Spirit for the young and old who view themselves as global citizens. As an inclusive brand, Chale.Global makes functional, urban & street fashion essentials by tapping into Ghana’s vibrant street and urban subcultures of arts & fashion.

The founders are building a friendly community, united by fashion, arts, and innovation.
Visit and  to join the chale community today!

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