BarbieCore: 8 Barbie-Inspired Fashionable Looks From Top African Influencers

by Editor

Trends always take the fashion world by storm. Well, here is a new style sensation stirring up the style scene, and it’s inspired by none other than Barbie.

Barbie is a classic doll that hit the shelves in 1959 and has found its way onto the entertainment and fashion scene. With social media pumped up with excitement before and after the release of the latest “Barbie” movie, the Barbie fashion trend which is mostly referred to as eBarbicore has resurfaced, with some of our favorite African celebrities and influencers unapologetically jumping in.

The Barbiecore fashion trend embraces vibrant hues, particularly the doll’s signature hot pink and feminine style. It serves as a style inspiration for some celebrities and influencers.

Here are 8 curated Barbie-inspired fashionable looks courtesy of your favorite African celebrities and influencers. Let us know which look is your favorite.

Barbie with the Beach Vibe (Vanessa Gyimah)

Source: Instagram/Vanessa_Gyimah

Barbie Girl’s Night Out (Hamdiya Hamidi)

Source: Instagram/HamdiyaHamidd

Barbie Date Night With Bae (Inidami Okojie)

Source: Instagram/inidimaokojie

Barbie with the Rich Aunty Vibe (Rita Dominic)

Source: Instagram/RitaDominic

Barbie is a Modest Style Enthusiast ( dyanabratz)

Source: Instagram/DyanaBratz

Barbie the Wedding Guest (Akosua vee)

Source: Instagram/Akosua_Vee

Barbie Likes to Standout (cardineal)

Barbie is a 9 – 5 baby ( Sayi bunny)

Source: Instagram/SiyaBunny

Sunday brunch with Barbie ( Alicia Krakowska Hadid)

Source: Instagram/alicia_krakowska_hadid

By: Thelma Anowaa.

A Fashion and Lifestyle Writer from Ghana, west Africa. Always had a dream of becoming a Public Relations practitioner but somehow her hobby turned into an exciting journey filled with experiences in creative writing, content managing, and copywriting.

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