Ayra Starr is The Ultimate Fashion Girl With a Defined Sound

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Oh, I’m a fashion killa, yeah (fashion girl)

I got much delivered, yeah (always wavy)

When I pass you shiver, yeah (fashion girl)                   

Fashion Killer – Ayra Starr 

It’s almost unthinkable to envision a world where music and fashion do not exist or co-exist. Just as music influences our lives in many ways than one; so does fashion.

Music and fashion, as art forms, have always been mediums for emotional and creative self-expression. And in today’s era where style is as important as sound, Ayra Starr has earned the bragging right to be one of Africa’s most daring fashionistas.

Ayra Starr is a Nigerian Afrobeats artist who had her big break into the music scene in early 2021, with her eponymous debut extended play and hit track “Away” which topped charts in Nigeria and on US Billboard Top Triller Global. The success of her debut paved the way for the release of her first full-length studio album, 19 & Dangerous in August 2021.

While Ayra Star has become one of the most successful new crop of artistes on the continent, many fans are on the fence when it comes to her fashion sense. From the endless crop tops to her color-shifting hairstyles; I will define her style as young, daring, and wild just like her music. Her looks set her apart from others making her the ultimate fashion girl with a defined sound. 

The Celestial Being as many call her, undoubtedly, has a unique sense of style from outfit, makeup, and hair. It will be fair to trace Ayra Star’s unique sense of style to the 2000’s golden era of Y2K Nollywood celebs. Many memorable cinema moments now serve as her jaw-dropping styling blueprint, whether it’s a music video, red carpet, or magazine cover. 

Her stylist Pat Ada Eze, in an interview with OkayAfrica, said “She’s influenced by a lot of different things but mostly it’s the personalities she finds interesting. Other times, it could be places she visits, movies she’s just seen, she’s very in the moment and it’s constantly improving.” 

Let’s dive into why she is the ultimate fashion girl in our books. 

The Braid Queen

Source: Instagram/AyraStarr

Ayra Starr has been seen in different hairstyles, from straight hair to cute bangs but braids dominates. Whether it’s knotless, box, or Bantu knots; she flawlessly makes a statement with every look.

All Glam Vibes 

Source: Instagram/AyraStarr

Ayra’s makeup is “vibes on vibes”, soft glam with a touch of a baddie. Ayra likes to play with eyeshadow and eye lines. After a look at most of her videos and pictures, it’s hard not to notice her obsession with wing-out and bejeweled eyeliners with neutral or nude lip gloss. 

The Art of Accessorizing 

Source: Instagram/AyraStarr

Ayra’s accessorizing game is on point. Not so loud but always makes a statement, from fashionable arm-length gloves, arm jewelry, earrings, necklace, body chines, and bangles to rings. She always knows when to pull it together with an outfit for a perfect look. 

What Starr Wears

Source: Instagram/AyraStarr

Y2k as her blueprint we have seen Starr rocking daring clothes on the red carpet, music videos, and magazine covers that got a lot of people talking. She has proven times without number her love for mini skirts, loose-fitting jeans, spaghetti straps, crop tops, and cute daring dresses. Not forgetting her high-knee boots.

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