Ajepomaa Gallery Showcases Soronko Holiday Collection at the Glitz Africa Sustainable Fashion Show.

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Sustainable and ethical women’s brand Ajepomaa Gallery unveiled its latest collection at the just-ended Glitz Africa Sustainable Fashion show. The collection, dubbed “Soronko” in Twi translates as unique in English.  In an interview with Melange Africa, Ajepomaa explained that the collection is inspired by the approaching festive season.

The collection also targets the local and international markets with an infusion of Africanness and modernity. The Soronko collection embodies a unique element of quirk that plays on iridescent colours, different textiles, designs and patterns. 

Speaking to the brand on sustainability and how the brand incorporates it into its work, the CEO of the Ghanaian retail apparel brand commented,

“All fabrics are locally produced. We do not destroy the environment in the process.  We produce limited quantities per season. We are doing this so that we have longevity in terms of fashion moving forward”.

CEO, Ajepomaa Gallery

Also, Ajepomaa highlighted that 90% of the business is occupied by women. Answering the question on the level of the Ghanaian fashion industry in fully achieving sustainability, she said,

“We have started and that is the most important. It is something that after Covid, people have had reflections and inner thoughts about, that what they are doing is not only for themselves but for the wellness of the environment and the world at large. People want to know that whatever they are wearing is not damaging the environment.” 

CEO, Ajepomaa Gallery

Ajepomaa Gallery aims to be the largest retail brand in Africa in the next 10 years, and its new Soronko collection is only a step in that direction.

Enjoy the Soronko Collection. Check out new products on the brand’s website.

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