A Style Guide To Decoding The Most Common Dress Codes

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Navigating through your closet to find that perfect outfit for an event can be daunting especially if the event comes with a dress code.

As if figuring out what to wear on a regular day wasn’t already hard enough, interpreting what an event host seeks to achieve with a particular dress code, be it a black tie theme or dressy casual code can heighten your frustration.

In such situations, any form of inspiration can help things. Thanks to these influencers and celebrities, we have curated this list to help guide your outfit choices to some of the most common events for the everyday Ghanaian.

Everything Work

This business dress code is the perfect dress code for everything work-related, from the office to meetings with clients and work interviews.

Thanks to the workplace cultural shift, a lot of workplaces have elevated their dress standards allowing one to add texture and color to their work wardrobe.

Generally, it pays to avoid wearing casual dresses with clients and in interviews, even if the office is casual overall. Always keep it simple and wear what makes you comfortable.

A Date With Friends or Boo

A dressy casual dress code is the simplest way to dress for a date with friends, a boyfriend, parties, or even an outdoor event.

Dressy casual dress code is a laid-back way of combining well-fitting business wear with casual elements, adding a trendy twist to it. The objective is to make your appearance less formal but pulled together and polished. When planning your dressy casual outfits, consider the accessories, the location, the type of event, and the season, this will help guide you into picking the right outfits. Don’t forget to play with colors and embrace your personal style.

Wedding Guest

The Cocktail dress code is the most suitable dress code for a wedding guest whether you are the sister of the bride or her best friend.

Cocktail dress code is the dress code that allows you to break the black-tie rules while looking classy and elegant. Cocktail outfits are trendy choices within the wedding space. All you have to do is find the balance between fancy and comfort.

The objective is to appear sophisticated just enough not to overshadow the bride. This means you can opt for a knee-length or midi-length dress with simple accessories instead of wearing a floor-length dress. When picking your cocktail outfit always consider the venue and the time of the day.

An Upscale Event

For upscale events like charity galas, holiday dinner parties, and awards ceremonies, a black-tie dress code is perfect for such events.

A black tie is a formal dress code for evening events after 6 p.m. A Black tie does not necessarily mean wearing a black outfit. You can wear whatever hue tickles your fancy. The aim is to appear extravagant and polished, wear a floor-length gown or a ball gown, and don’t restrict yourself from accessorizing. Remember go big or go home, but stay classy.

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