7 Ways To Help You Survive Your Mondays

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The weekend is officially over, your alarm clock is just getting into a five-day groove and it’s not merely the transition from playtime to work or to school. Many of us stay up late on weekend nights and sleep during the day, messing up our sleep pattern and making us grumpy and irritable when the alarm goes off on Monday morning, which goes a long way to affect our entire day or even the week.
Here are some tips on how you can reverse the trend and set yourself up to have a positive and healthy start to the week.

Plan Your Mondays On Friday Evenings.

Friday, the end of the week may be a cause to celebrate, but don’t make it official until you have created your to-do list for Monday. With this list waiting on Monday, you may be more productive and have an easier time focusing.

Get Up A Bit Earlier On Monday Mornings.

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Try getting up 20 minutes earlier and slow your morning routine down, which allows you to ease into the day. I have to admit, this will be harder to do and way more unlikely.  Use the extra time to either exercise, read a book, watch TV or just lie in bed and scroll through your phone.

Eat Breakfast.

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Don’t skip breakfast even if you are not a breakfast person like myself. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it helps boost your mood aside from the nutritional value and mental benefits. Grab your cereal bowl or your cup and start preparing your breakfast to face the day

Monday Motivational Playlist.

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Music can instantly enhance your mood through evocative lyrics or positive associations. So, before you let the dread of Monday kick in, listen to your favourite songs to inspire and uplift your spirit, as you prepare for the day and during the day to give you positive thoughts.

Monday Slayer

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This is my favourite tip of all. To better your mood, choose bright colours your favourite fabrics or prints, or a brand you feel great about, basically, any outfit that makes you feel like the boss. Just make sure you don’t overdress. I like to pick out my outfit the night before so I avoid a wardrobe crisis on a Monday mornin.

Stay Hydrated.


We find it easy to stay hydrated during our work week. For the workaholics, this is the ‘normal’ routine. But, we feel a little lazy to stay hydrated on the weekend. So, if you are feeling inactive on Monday mornings, drink a glass of water and allow it to do its magic.

Official Cheat Day.

Eat like a King or Queen on Monday, and make your diet the rest of the week’s problem. Having a Monday as a cheat day makes it easy to deal with the day without you adding the stress of keeping up with your diet plan plus you have the rest of the week to burn those extra calories.

Mondays may not be able to buy you happiness, but money can so get out of bed and have a productive Monday.

Written by Miss Anowaa

Thelma Quainoo is my name, and my pen name is Miss Anowaa. My zodiac sign is Aries, and that alone will tell you I am a bubbly soul. A writer and an aspiring public relations practitioner. Find me on IG as @miss_anowaa. #beyouloveyou

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