7 Things You Can Do When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is here again and it can be very frustrating if you happen to be single around this time of the year. You can easily get jealous on this day since all the happy couples you know could be sharing fun photos and lovey-dovey status updates all day long. It might even get worse if you step out to go have fun when all you see around are couples savoring one cheerful moment to the other.

Well as annoying as 14th February can be for some of us who are single or happen to be in long-distance relationships, sitting around and around and moping all day can’t be an option.

We all deserve to be happy with or without a partner, all you need is an optimistic attitude, a tiny bit of creativity, and this list to inspire you to make this day an exciting day.

Here are 7 fun things you can do when you are single on Valentine’s Day.

Treat Your Self To a Gift

There’s no rule saying that other people have to buy you flowers or a gift for Valentine’s day. You can get yourself something special you have always wanted or needed. Go big if you can.

Take a Sip and Paint Class

Since the birth of sip and paint, there are a lot of places to visit and enjoy this unique experience. The perfect excuse to get boozy and crafty. Don’t hold back. Enjoy every moment.

Binge-watch a Tv Series

You’ve probably had a show on your list, you’ve been wanting to check out for heaven knows how long. Why not give it a go on Valentine’s Day? The fun thing about this idea is that you can wear a comfy PJ, get some popcorn or pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink and curl up on the couch, as you binge-watch your favorite Tv show.

Throw a Solo Party

Turn the music up and party hard. A solo party means nobody can see how bad your moves are. Dancing can help you let loose for a few minutes. Feel free to turn the camera to yourself recording all your goofs and silly moves. . Pour yourself some drink and dance, when you get tired of dancing you can solve a puzzle.

Host a Singles Dinner Party

Get your single friends together and have dinner at a restaurant or home. Talk about everything and anything from awkward dates to stories about past relationships. This can also be an opportunity to network with a friend of a friend.

Unplug For a Day

Make the day a phone-free day. A phone detox is good for your mental health especially if you think you may end up stalking an ex-lover’s page. Turn your attention to solo things you have not done in a long time: read a book, clean your house or you can take a long nap.

Write a Thank You Card

Appreciation is one of the most important things in life. Show love to the people you are most thankful for on Valentine’s Day by sending handwritten cards to them or a text message. Spread some love.

Bonus Point: Do That One Thing

There is always that one thing you would want to do with your partner. Why not try it out by yourself and savor it all?

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Thelma Quainoo is my name, and my pen name is Miss Anowaa. My zodiac sign is Aries, and that alone will tell you I am a bubbly soul. A writer and an aspiring public relations practitioner. Find me on IG as @miss_anowaa. #beyouloveyou

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