6 Modest Fashion Influencers You Need To Follow

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Growing up, I always thought fashion was all about wearing skimpy clothes. With time, I realized the term had less to do with clothes and more with the people wearing them.

The early 2000s saw the introduction of a new phrase – modest fashion, describing the growing trend of women dressing in less-revealing clothing, particularly when it meets their spiritual and stylistic needs due to their religion or personal tastes.

Generally, everything a particular person does in the fashion world matters, from fit selection to style or how well they put different fashion elements together.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite modest fashion influencers to inspire your fashion style choices whether you’re a staunch modest fashion follower or are simply looking to cover up for an event.

Here are 6 modest fashion influencers to follow on social media.

Basma Kahie

Basma Kahie is a UK-based Somalian beauty and fashion influencer. Basma is an expert at matching her hijab headwraps with her super chic outfits, from suits, coats, T-shirts, and ultra-feminine dresses in neutral hues and soft pastel colors.

Hamdiya Hamid

Hamdiya Hamid is a Ghanaian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creator who doubles as the owner of the clothing brand Ibisa Styles. Hamdiya always pulls off the simplest yet the most classy looks from gorgeous prints and has an exciting street style worth exploring.

Sa’a Maccido

Sa’a Maccido is a Nigerian-based influencer, blogger, and photographer. Sa’a is a goldmine of modest outfit ideas from makeup inspiration to gorgeous hijab looks with her, especially with her color palette and understated accessories.

Zakiya Ahmed

Zakiya Ahmed won the Miss Malaika Ghana 2022 pageant, making history as the first-ever Muslim winner.

Aïssata Diallo

Aïssata Diallo New York-based Guinean model and a content creator who calls herself mother nature. Aïssata has a unique fashion style where she plays with colors and bold designs.

Ashwaaq Fidar

Ashwaaq Fidar is a Somalian beauty and fashion influencer and the co-founder of the clothing brand Inqlude. Ashwaaq’s skill in matching her hijab headwraps with fashionable outfits that complement the everyday style of a modest woman.

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