6 Local Ghanaian Breakfast Meals You Should Try

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Breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day. Experts believe morning meals kickstart metabolism and afford individuals the energy they need to go through the day.

Starting your day with delicious options of Ghanaian breakfast dishes not only has nutritional benefits but also supports brain activity, helping you to control emotions, moods, expectations, behaviors, and decision-making.

Yet, one in four adults worldwide miss breakfast, because they are too busy or have nothing appealing to eat. No matter your excuse for missing breakfast, these Ghanaian local breakfast meals, very rich in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates can add some spice to your mornings.

Check out some mouth-watering Ghanaian breakfast meals to try.

Hausa Koko

Hausa koko is made out of millet and other natural spices like ginger, cloves(Pepre), and chilly pepper. You don’t have to make this spiced millet porridge as hausa koko one of Ghana’s most popular street foods, often served with Koose (fried bean cakes) or kosi (fried cornmeal cakes).

Mpampa Koko

Mpampa, another porridge option to add to your breakfast menu is made with fermented corn. Unlike Hausa koko, Mpampa is mostly homemade. However, it has a fairly easy recipe.

Tom Brown

Tom Brown is a considerably nutritious breakfast to have because it is a multigrain blend of ground soya beans, maize, millet, and peanuts mostly served with bread.

Rice Water

From the name you can tell the main ingredient is rice. This is similar to rice pudding but lighter as it requires a significant amount of water when cooking. Rice water is a bit of a heavy meal, so you may want to have it alone or match it with bread or doughnuts as you prefer.

Wheat Porridge

Wheat porridge is another healthy Ghanaian breakfast to try and it’s just like rice water. Some people prefer to eat it with bread and others don’t since it’s a heavy meal on its own.


Oblayo is a creamy corn porridge mostly referred to as gravel because of its rough texture. Oblayo can be eaten alone or with bread.

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