5 Ways To Make Your World Cup Viewing Party More Exciting

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“Football can generate excitement and bring people together.” – Didier Drogba.

The World Cup is upon us again, and the beautiful game’s potential to connect people cannot be understated. What better way to enjoy football than watching it with the people you love?

Watching football alone at home can be extremely boring, with no one to scream goal with or even argue with, and going out to watch at a football viewing Center can be overcrowded and overly noisy. So why not have your viewing party at home and invite your loved ones to enjoy this world cup season with you?

A basic tip to remember when planning a football viewing party at home is to make a detailed to-do list, so you don’t forget anything; get a head count of people coming over and apportion some things to two or more trusted people so you can enjoy your party without you overly stressing yourself. You can invite people who are supporting the opposite team to make it more exciting and lovely.

Here are five ways to make your world cup viewing party more exciting this year.

Decorate your home


Whether it’s your country or another country you are cheering for, you can find flags, banners, balloons, and other sports-themed decorations with unique colors to use for the party. If you are struggling to make decorations yourself don’t worry just head to Pinterest and check out a lot of fun ideas you can use.

Food and drinks

What is a party without food and drinks? They make you a perfect host. Plus, happy guests equal a full stomach. You can choose to prepare the food yourself or get it from your favorite eatery. A buffet with finger foods is always a good idea since it allows people to eat little bites throughout the party and stock your refrigerator with water, beer, and soft drinks. Note that kebab is finger food in my books, in case you are wondering whether to add it to your food list.

Theme Dressing

Remember, with your viewing party, you’re trying to create a stadium at home. Asking your guest to rep their jerseys might just be that element to complement the stadium vibe. Check out Chale Global’s newest limited Love Ghana collection here.

Big screen, the perfect game

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The perfect viewing party can only be exciting with an excellent home theater setup, small TV is No! If you are hosting a viewing party, but you don’t have a big Tv, well, you can opt for a projector. It sets your living room into theater mode. Renting a projector is an alternative, seeing as it helps cut down full-purchase costs.

Play Music

Yes, it’s a football viewing party but playing music before, at half time, and after the game will score you points with your guests and will set the perfect mood for your guest as they mingle before and after the game. So make the playlist and enjoy your football viewing party with your loved one. Hosting a football viewing party at home might seem like a no-brainer, but as the host, it can be stressful trying to juggle everything and make sure your guests are comfy and are having a good time.

Cheer on your favorite team with friends and family this world cup in an exciting way.

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