5 Times Black Sherif Defined His Fashion Style

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“Kwaku killa don’t lie when I say I did it, I did it (I did it, I did it).” Safe to say, from music to fashion, when Black Sherif does it, he does it.

Reports indicate that Black Sherif’s debut album ‘The Villain I Never Was‘, released Oct 6, crossed 70 million streams in less than 24 hours. But the traction fans attend the 20-year-old transcends the repressed emotions and melodies in his music. His style plays a part.

Fashion trends come and go, but sometimes we forget that having a great fashion style is not about following all the latest fashion trends, and Black Sherif, together with his handlers, more than understands the assignment. For an artiste, defining your fashion style is almost as important as finding a music niche or genre.

With all honesty, Black Sherif’s style is rare in the Ghanaian music scene, but that’s not the only exciting feature. The calculated efforts to present looks that mirror the superstar’s sonic depth and diversity cannot be ignored. While many have criticized his fashion sense and called it weird, I will define his style as simple and stylish, albeit evocative.

In every picture of him that pops up on the internet, he is most likely wearing a pair of bootcut jeans with either a pair of skinny long sleeves or a Tee-shirt to match and a boot or a sneaker. And he almost always tops it off with a cap or durag. Needless to say, it’s an obsession.

Generally, his ‘skimpy tops and buggy pants style’ is always giving off a ‘retrogressive’ vibe. Akin to Black Sherif’s music, his fashion sense broaches meaning. So I checked Black Sherif’s Instagram to select some of his looks that support my perception of his fashion style.

He is half the time seen wearing ripped denim jeans. Making a bold statement with this two-piece was exciting to see. – Miss Anowaa.
Blacko wearing a two-piece of black jeans, the top being sleeveless and the down being wide-leg trousers, for the promotional shoot of his debut album named “The Villain I Never Was” – Miss Anowaa
It was no surprise seeing Blacko wearing shorts with a detailed collar black jacket over a red shirt in a promotional shoot for his debut album named “The Villain I Never Was” The look gives an old-school vibe, and I can say it is definitely a favorite look for me. – Miss Anowaa.
Blacko is a sucker for shorts and denim, wearing jeans shorts with a well-fitting sheer long-sleeve accessorizing it a knitted wool beanie, a cowboy belt, and a pair of sneakers. – Miss Anowaa
An orange sheer top on black leather trousers and a boot accessorized with a silver belt and a black knitted wool beanie. – Miss Anowaa.

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