5 Places Outside Accra Worth Experiencing

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Ghana is beyond the capital city. Accra is not the only place with exciting places to visit or activities to do. Aside from the hospitality of the Ghanaian community and the beautiful culture, the country has got a lot of destinations to visit and explore.

With its beautiful hinterland, sunny nice beaches, rich culture, vibrant cities with welcoming locals, wildlife, and easy access to all parts of the country, Ghana can be the perfect destination for anyone ready to explore.

So pick a weekend, pack your bags, and pick from our 5 suggested destinations and explore.

1. Kwahu – Ghana’s favorite Easter destination

Kwahu, which is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana is a breath of fresh air and is well known for its rocky-green landscape.

Over the years, it has become the go-to place for Ghana’s Easter festivities hosting about three million people from different parts of the world, last year, with tourists enjoying a myriad of activities from music festivals to paragliding.

Even though Kwahu during the Easter season is an exciting experience, visiting the area before or after the festive season may afford you an added advantage, especially if you’re unintrigued by overcrowded places, gridlocks, and season-high accommodation prices and shortages.

All in all, Kwahu has got a lot of tourist sites from waterfalls, a zipline destination, canopy walks, a stone age park, caves, and many others.

2. Sekondi -Takoradi – The City of the Masqueraders

Are you a carnival lover? Want a place to soak in all the color, creativity, and fancy dance moves by masqueraders, especially during the Christmas vacation? Then Sekondi-Takoradi is where you need to be, especially during the Christmas and New Year vacations. The twin-city is well known for the Ankos Festival also known as the Takoradi street carnival, which is celebrated every year during the Christmas holiday season, making it the most exciting place in Ghana to visit during the Christmas season.

According to Wikipedia, Sekondi-Takoradi is one of the most modern and cleanest cities in the country. Therefore, visiting the city’s serene beaches, museums, and forts, not forgetting the harbor and the Takoradi Market Circle can be a great way to spice your itinerary.

Takoradi Market Circle.

3. Kumasi – The Seat of the Brave Ancient Ashanti Kingdom

Source: GBCGhana

Kumasi also known as Oseikrom is the capital of the Ashanti Region and the home of the Ashanti King and his people. The Ashantis are known for their rich, majestic, and colorful festivals, attracting people far and wide. Ask Idris Elba.

The perfect time to experience the culture and heritage of the Ashanti culture is during the Akwasidae Festival, which brings together the Asantehene, sub-kings, and people to the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi. Kumasi is rich in culture but its hospitable locals, great food, and thrilling nightlife are also perks to enjoy on your visit. Some must-visit places in Kumasi include Bobiri Butterfly sanctuary, Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary, museums, Centre For National Culture, and the Kejetia market.

4. Keta – The land between the Sea and Lagoon

Keta. Source: Citinewsroom.com

Keta is a seaside town located in the Volta Region, the hub of tourist sites. Keta which means “top of the sand” offers a lot of exciting experiences to its visitors. Explore the land between the sea and the lagoon, starting from the beautiful clean beaches, the cape St. Paul lighthouse, Forts, and the beautiful Keta lagoon, not forgetting to try its tasty local dishes.

5. Cape Coast – A cradle of Black History

Source: VisitGhana.com

Cape Coast traditionally called Oguaa or Kotokuraba is the capital of the Central Region. The City is known for its slave trade history, antique architecture, tourist destinations, and exquisite seafood. It’s not surprising that Cape Coast, specifically the castle, was the first place H.E Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States visited after her landmark speech at the Black Star Square in Accra.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris lays a wreath at Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, Tuesday March 28, 2023. Source: (AP Photo/Misper Apawu)

Cape Coast holds a lot of Ghanaian history making it the perfect place to visit, especially if you must learn about the genesis of the slave trade. Apart from that, there are a lot of fun things to do and exciting places to see and experience from the beaches to castles, forts, canopy walks, and of course a stroll through the local market, Kotokuraba Market.

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