5 Fun Ideas For A Perfect Hump Day

by Editor

The midweek always comes with its struggle of getting stuck somewhere in between manic Monday blues and TGIF exhilaration. The day only crawls because you wake up dreading it. For the most part, you rid it of joyful activities and little celebrations of life.

Here are some fun activities to make your midweek just as exciting as your weekends.

Wednesday Groove Playlist.

Let’s kick start the day with the perfect playlist. Listening and dancing around to a perfect playlist while preparing for work can uplift your spirit and mood for the rest of the day. As Arthur Schopenhauer said, “music is food to the soul”.

Plan Your Weekend.

It is never too early to plan your weekend seeing it is already midweek. Planning your weekend might get you excited about life in general and you get a stress-free weekend from wondering what to do, where to go and who you should hang out with.

Hang Out With Your Friends.

Make good use of your lunch break, hanging out with your friends during a lunch break can usually be heart-warming and cheerful. You can make it a Wednesday tradition and have lunch with friends. It is a great opportunity for meeting new people which is good for networking.

Plan Something Fun With Your Coworkers.

The only thing worse than Wednesday is a Wednesday afternoon. The day just drags. One way to boost the office mood before those sleepy post-lunch hours is to energize everyone with a stimulating fun activity. It could be a board game, listening to controversial podcasts to spark conversations among each other. Think of something creative and fun.

Go On A Self Date Night.

I know this sounds sad or very depressing but sometimes being alone helps you process a lot of things happening around you. You can decide to go out or stay at home and still have a wonderful date night all by yourself.  Get a glass of whatever you drink and watch a movie or visit that restaurant you have been dying to try their food. Remember to go to bed early to face Thursday like the King or Queen you are.

Don’t let Wednesdays beat the fun out of you, no matter how high the stress is. After all, you might as well learn to love the middle of the week because weekends only last so long.

Written by Miss Anowaa

Thelma Quainoo is my name, and my pen name is Miss Anowaa. My zodiac sign is Aries, and that alone will tell you I am a bubbly soul. A writer and an aspiring public relations practitioner. Find me on IG as @miss_anowaa. #beyouloveyou

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