5 Fashion-Forward Looks to Inspire Your Workwear Choices

by Editor

What does it mean to not have anything to wear during the heat of the busy work week?

Let’s be honest, sometimes when we say we don’t have anything to wear, what we often mean is that we have run out of ideas or just struggling to put outfits together. And this experience can be frustrating, especially considering how workwear has evolved from white shirts and black skirts.

Whether you work in a hybrid work model, or frequent the office full time; keep calm. We have curated five workwear looks to inspire you, thanks to our ever-stylish influencers and fashionable celebrities.

Monday (Joselyn Dumas)

Source: Instagram/JoselynDumas

The perfect look and color to start the week with confidence and elegance to beat the Monday blues

Tuesday (Ama Kyei Boakye)

Source: Instagram/Iamabena1

Pearl your black dress up and walk into the office like the boss you are.

Wednesday (Berla Mundi)

Source: Instagram/BerlaMundi

Step into the office looking simple and classy, yet ready to rule humpday.

Thursday (Serwaa Amihere)

Source: Instagram/Serwaa_Amihere

Play with colors to set the stage for a cheerful Friday mood.

Friday (Aakosua Vee)

Source: Instagram/aakosuavee

Casually walk into the office rocking a smart casual outfit ready to end the week. You may take the mini blazer off and step out with friends to party the evening away.

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