5 Closet Worthy Accessories Every Man Must Have

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A man’s style can be defined by how well he has accessorized his wardrobe. Accessories can transform the most basic wears into the trendiest of outfits. Unlike women, men only need a select few accessories to get them to make a fashion statement, so here is a list of closet-worthy accessories a man needs to have in their closet or wardrobe.

Wrist Watch

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In an era of cell phones, a lot of people dont find the need to have a wristwatch since they can tell the time by looking at their phone screen. Aside from the practicality of a wristwatch, it is also fashionable and speaks a lot about you as a guy. There is a wide range of wristwatches to pick from, to suit all occasions, from casual to dressy. Even if you are not a watch person, find one that fits your style and taste.


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The wallet is one of the essential men’s accessories a man should own, but most men find it unnecessary. Owning a wallet makes you look well organized and subtly speaks a lot about the type of person you are. Find a simple wallet made out of leather that can hold all your money, ID cards, credit and debit card, etc

Tie Clips and Cufflinks

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Another set of overlooked items is the tie clip and cufflinks. This small but might set of accessories always adds that special touch to an outfit. Find a set in silver and step out looking stylish.


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Remember, belts are not just for keeping your pants up but elevate your entire outfit by making it look put together. All you need is a black and brown set of belts for your casual and formal outfits. Always opt for a leather belt with a thin silver buckle.


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Sunglasses are one of the most timeless pieces one can have in their closet. This stylish essential is a must-have whether you are into fashion or not since it protects the soft skin around your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.  Remember to always choose the right frames for your face shape to give you that stylish look.

Written by Miss Anowaa

Thelma Quainoo is my name, and my pen name is Miss Anowaa. My zodiac sign is Aries, and that alone will tell you I am a bubbly soul. A writer and an aspiring public relations practitioner. Find me on IG as @miss_anowaa. #beyouloveyou

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