4 Ways to Style a Hair Scarf ( Duku)

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A scarf is a timeless trend that will always remain a classic accessory in your wardrobe. So go get yourself a lot of scarves in different colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Scarves can be styled in many ways. Aside from being a hair scarf, they can be used stylishly around the neck and even as a belt. And the good news is that it can be used all year round. I have got you covered if you are looking for scarf styling inspiration, here are 4 fun ways to style your hair scarf (duku)

Babushka Scarf

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The Babushka scarf was traditionally worn by Russian women, and as traditions keep crossing borders, the babushka scarf style is now a global sensation. It is easy to wear and stylish, giving you a vintage look.
Get a silky scarf and fold it in half to create a triangle, then place the folded edge centered on the top of your head and tie it under your chin.

Classic Headband

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The classic headband is chic and an effortless way to style a scarf giving you a feminine look. Get yourself a colorful hair scarf, try a few folds and place them around your forehead, while tying them at the nape of your neck. You can secure it with bobby pins.


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This style inspo is perfect for thick hair, curly hair, braids, and dreadlocks. It gives you the cool African queen vibe. All you need is a large, rectangular, cotton hair scarf. To achieve this look, put up your hair in a pineapple ponytail, hold the two opposite corners of your scarf and place the center of the scarf at the back of your head, below the pineapple ponytail. Bring the two ends forward, twists them, and bring them to the back again, moving each end in the opposite direction. Tuck the sticking ends under the fabric, or you can twist and coil the two ends together above your forehead to get an oversized knot.

Braid a Scarf into Hair

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Give your hair a total makeover by braiding a scarf into your hair, giving your hair a pop of color and volume. To achieve this cool look, tie the scarf around the base of your ponytail and use it as one of the 3 “sections” when you do your braid. Tie in a bow at the bottom or secure it with a hair tie.

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