1O Haute Looks from Ajabeng’s Ghana Awake Collection.

by Editor

Ajabeng Ghana’s newest collection, Ghana Awake Collection (Fall 22), follows the Afro Romance Collection (SS21). The new collection was inspired by the works of Ugandan-Sudanese Photographer Richard Lokiden Wani. The collection seeks to bring to light the beauty and pride that can be seen in the lives of everyday Ghanaians.  The campaign shot, which took place in Nsawam in the Eastern Region, features first-time models from the area. In a social post, the motive behind the clothing line was elucidated;

“Aesthetically, the oversized silhouettes of the Ghana Awake collection are a reference to the often ill-fitting “Obroni Wawu” (literally ‘dead white man’s clothing’) secondhand clothing that regrettably, continues to be a key part of the modern Ghanaian wardrobe. The collection seeks to reimagine everyday Ghanaian “garb” in a modern, culturally aware, ethical and environmentally sustainable way.”

As typical of the brand to voice out social issues in its works, this collection was no exemption. 

The Ghana Awake collection is a clarion call to Ghanaians to take pride in their heritage and embrace their aesthetics. 

Written by Jenice Aidoo;

A young creative writer. I take inspiration from happenings around me. My works revolve around fashion, lifestyle, and travel articles. Find me on Instagram as @jeniceaidoo

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