10 Ways to Style Your Denim in 2023

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Fashion trends come and go but denim never seems to go out of vogue. It keeps evolving making it one of the most versatile staples in the wardrobe to invest in.

Denim has different varieties of clothing and styles, from trousers, skirts, jackets, dresses, and even accessories.

Late last year we had many fashion experts predicting the dominance of denim styles and pieces in 2023.

According to Shannon Thomas, the owner, and director of Désordre, 2023 will be all about “denim corsets, denim hipster miniskirts, and denim cargo pants”. Thinking of bracing yourself up for 2023: The Year of Denims?

Well, not to worry we have got you covered; thanks to our ever-stylish IT girls, influencers, and celebrities. We have curated ten looks for you to draw denim styling inspiration.

Source; Instagram/Cina_Soul
Source: Instagram/RaeKing_
Source; Instagram/amfashion
Source; Instagram/KimOprah
Source; Instagram/Indiyahhp
Source; Instagram/thegracearhin
Source; Instagram/damahp
Source; Instagram/simplicityxstyle
Source; Instagram/its.priscy
Source; Instagram/mode_by_rache

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